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Download and install from the right of this page using the "Installer" link. If you already have classic AviSynth installed, switching to AviSynth+ and back is as easy as installing or uninstalling it.

Editing tools

  • AvsPmod is our recommended editor. It gives you instant preview, support for direct visual comparison, syntax highlighting, code completion, and many other features. There is currently no official release for AviSynth+, so we recommend you get it from here (for 32-bits). An official release which will add support for 64-bit AviSynth+ is expected soon.
  • Users of Notepad++ will be delighted that there is a language add-on for AviSynth.
  • And of course you can use any text editor too to edit scripts.

Additional plugins

One of the strengths of AviSynth is that the community has provided a very large number of plugins for all kinds of video editing purposes.
  • AviSynth's official Wiki has a categorized list of scripts and plugins here that is most times up to date. If you're looking for filters for a specific purpose, this will be a good place to start looking.
  • Plugins for the 64-bit version are a bit more scarce. We're working on bringing 64-bit support to the most relevant plugins, until then look here, here and here for 64-bit plugins. Of course, scripts will always work on any platform as long as you have the necessary binary filters.
  • Doom9's Avisynth Usage forum is probably the best place to look for the newest stuff. You'll find most new plugins in development here, as well as their support threads.

Reading material

  • First, note that there is a lot of documentation included in your installation. In your Avisynth installation folder, you'll find examples and manuals. These will tell you about writing scripts and about various filters and their parameters.
  • The FilterSDK, also in your installation folder, contains information about writing your own binary plugins.
  • The AviSynth Wiki also has a large deal of information on the previous topics, and much more.
  • And last but not least, you can always ask others for help on Doom9.